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3D printer built based on core XY arrangement with a 250 x 350mm build area. Bosch Rexroth aluminum profiles acting as the frame, onto which 3D printed components are bolted on. The hot end is designed to be quickly removable. This enables the use of other tools - such as swivel knives, engravers, even simple markers for drawing.


While creating something new is always fun, bringing something up to date is also an interesting challenge. One of my bigger projects has been the revival of a 1981 Yamaha XV920 motorcycle.

  • Complete rework of major mechanical systems. Rebuilt and redesigned front forks, brakes and control systems. Rebuilt rear brake system for adjustable brake feel. New custom subframe housing the battery and electronics.

  • Completely new electrical wiring throughout. Eliminated old unreliable relays, replaced with state of the motorcycle control unit with added safety features and resetable fuses.

  • A lot of features have been 3D designed and printed or machined to support the build.


Completely redesigned front end for a Buell motorcycle to house an updated lighting system. The design is made in such a way, where the the headlight is attached to the wheel, and does not move with the frame of the bike. Linear bearings are used to lock the light and only allow movement in one axis.


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